A Guide To Using Your IPhone Efficiently

Are you intimidated about buying an iPhone because you think it could be complicated to use? Are you unsure about whether you can master it? You need not fear that you won’t be up to the challenge. You will find useful information on how to use your iPhone in the article below.

It’s easy to place a call while using Safari to browse the Internet. Suppose you are using the Internet to locate a pharmacy near your home. When you locate the number, there is no need to head to the phone area to dial the number. Simply tap the number you see on the screen and instantly it dials the business you are trying to connect to.

You don’t need to type in the “.com” when browsing the web on your iPhone. You simply need to put in the main part of the address and the browser will take you to the correct site. This will end up saving you a ton of time.

The “X” button is not needed after each AutoCorrect suggestion. Just tap the screen anywhere instead. That closes the box for you, a much faster solution.

You can even take pictures with the headphone cord. Begin by focusing the camera on the subject you would like to capture. When you have that set up, and are ready to shoot the picture, push the button down on the cord. That takes the photo for you. You can then save the picture like you normally would.

Do you know the frustration of missing out on a great shot just because the camera app came up too slowly? Use this easy shortcut. First, just tap on the Home feature two times while the phone is locked. A camera icon will appear on your screen. Touch this camera icon and you will be able to use your iPhone as a camera right away.

Now you should have a firm understanding of the many possibilities that your iPhone affords you. Your iPhone can be a dramatically useful device when you have really mastered the ins and outs of operating it. All you need to do is use the tips you learned from this article.

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