Apple also has weak growth at a time when the project is about to be merged.

Apple is considering bundling it with Apple Music and Apple TV Plus instead of being a stand-alone product, a model that could be rolled out as soon as 2020, Bloomberg reported.

I believe that we are not new to the recent launch of the Apple TV Plus must be no stranger, due to a year of free policy and the early continuous marketing, Apple TV Plus quickly captured a large number of users, after Apple Music has become another burst of value-added services. Apple News, a paid news app released in March, is in dire shape.

In fact, at the beginning of its launch, Apple News Was very popular, with 200,000 subscribers in its 48-hour pre-launch, thanks to unlimited $9.99 a month for unlimited access to more than 300 well-known newspapers and magazines such as Time, National Geographic, and The Wall Street Journal.

Perhaps Apple believes that packaged service sales are expected to attract more users, which is equivalent to users spending less money on more content.

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