iOS 13.3 official version rushing: Apple will continue to fix bugs

According to the latest foreign media reports, Apple is actively working on the official version of iOS 13.3, which will be released in the near future. The main problem to be solved is to continue to fix a large number of bugs in the system.
iOS 13.3 adds communication restrictions to the screen time feature, allowing parents to control their children’s use of phone, text and FaceTime. Not long ago, Apple also released iOS 13.2.3. Its update mainly fixes the problem that the App may not be able to download content in the background, and the “mail” may not be able to get a new mail and Exchange account cannot include and reference the original mail content.
Because iOS 13 has too many problems, on the next iOS 14 system, Apple will change the internal version development method to avoid repeating the mistakes of iOS 13.
So far, Apple engineers have brainstormed some untested features into the daily version of iOS. As a result, using these internal versions has become a nightmare because the entire system is too complex and the stability of different components is sharp. different.
For Apple, it is almost impossible to understand the actual state of the system software. On iOS 14, Apple will change its approach. All features under development will be turned off by default and must be turned on through a specific configuration menu. This allows Apple to clearly grasp the development progress at any time and easily remove immature features.

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