IPhone 12 revealed: return to the appearance of Steve jobs era classic design support 5G

The iPhone 11 has just had a big hit on Nov 11, and the debate about the next generation of apple’s iPhone 12 has intensified. Recently, the famous apple supply chain analyst Guo Ming ð « “ creates and brings the latest blockbuster news, starting from the iPhone 6 to 11 rounded appearance design of the iPhone will be abandoned, and the next iPhone will adopt new design in appearance Specifically, the iPhone 12 will return to the classic design of the Steve Jobs era, the iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/SE.
Similarly, Ben Geskin, a well-known whistleblower, recently posted a rendering of the 2020 iPhone 12 on his Twitter account. As can be seen from the picture, the front of the iPhone 12 still has bangs, but the bangs are slightly narrower, which further increases the proportion of the screen.
In terms of appearance details, the iPhone 12 gets rid of the sleek silhouette that has been in place for generations. The lines are sharper, and the overall look is tougher.
For the rear lens, the iPhone 12 adds a TOF Camera to the original rear three lenses (wide Angle, ultra-wide Angle and telephoto). TOF lens enables the rear camera module to obtain the depth of field information with higher accuracy than that of the third image quickly and remotely, thus completing a larger range of 3D modeling than that of the structural light. In portrait mode, the iPhone 12, with its TOF lens, has a more realistic and layered blur. In addition, TOF lenses can provide better support for augmented reality (AR) functions.
Ben Geskin also revealed that the main board of the iPhone 12 will have three layers and a complicated structure. The processor of the mobile phone will also adopt the new Apple A14 processor. Compared with the previous generation of A13 processor, performance and power consumption will also be improved significantly. In addition, the A14 processor itself is one lap smaller than the A13 processor, allowing more room for the battery.
Finally, regarding the next generation of 5G iPhone that consumers are most concerned about, Ben Geskin once again revealed that apple may use 5G baseband based on Qualcomm’s SDX55 (snapdragon X55 5G modem) platform to cover 4G/5G band of the three major domestic carriers.
5G era is accelerating to come, now the whole industry ecology is in full speed sprint; Apple, which has lagged behind Huawei, Xiaomi and other friends, can bring 5G iPhone with a new design to consumers next year? Let’s wait and see.If you want to buy used iPhones, you can choose a second-hand sales platform, energyitshop.com is a professional global sales of Apple mobile phone platform!

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