New noise reduction, experience flying proud EH3 NC

Feiao, which is well-known for its portable hi-fi music players and portable earphones, has made great efforts to expand the headphone product line in the past two years and has formed a relatively complete product matrix, which covers the product matrix from dozens of entry-level products to nearly 3,000 yuan circle iron hi-fi headsets. However, in the previous launch of so many headphone products, but the only lack of headphones, also known as “big ears.” Although for Feiao, who is determined to show his talents in the earphone market, “big ears may be late, they will not be absent”. This is not, its first headset EH3 NC is in the near future to meet with consumers. And don’t make a move then already, fly proudly is in “big ear” on the first show lets us feel its ambition, see the description of EH3 NC — head type HD Bluetooth noise-canceling earpiece, a few keywords then reflect its to nowadays earpiece market hotspot sufficient cover.
Noise reduction chip: ADI 1777×
Noise reduction method: feedback and forth noise reduction FF+FB (Hybrid)
Noise reduction depth: 30+/ -5db (maximum)
Driving unit: 45mm titanium diaper-plated moving coil unit
Battery life: about 50 hours (Bluetooth music playing mode only)
About 62 hours (noise reduction mode only, music not playing)
About 30 hours (BlueTooth music playing + noise reduction mode)
Standby time: more than 1000 hours
Charging time: about 2~3 hours
Wired connection: 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable, USB Type C data cable
Wearing style: head and ears
Storage: rotate + fold

Wireless: full HD Bluetooth encoding support
The headphone product that flies proudly before is wired give priority to, on the first “big ear” it is another way, chose Bluetooth wireless to regard as a breakthrough point. Beyond hi-fi headsets, the hottest category in the broader consumer headphone market today is undoubtedly the variety of BlueTooth wireless headsets.
A proud fly while in Bluetooth headset pay to “green”, but actually the last two years of the portable music player, portable new amp, BlueTooth application very mature early, so we see we care about it on EH3 NC HD Bluetooth coding format, including aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD and LDAC, it provides support. Of course, the mainstream SBC, AAC these two types of BlueTooth encoding formats are not absent. At present, the new phones of the Android system can basically provide support for HD Bluetooth encoding formats such as aptX HD and LDAC, while the new earphones can not support these two formats very much, let alone those with active noise reduction. It can be said that in this respect, EH3 NC is ahead.
Noise reduction: big brand scheme to ensure the performance of noise reduction
Then we will talk about the active noise reduction function of EH3 NC. Currently, there are two kinds of noise-canceling headphones on the market, namely active noise-canceling technology and passive noise-canceling technology. To put it simply, the active noise reduction technology is to use the microphone built into the headset to detect the noise and sound waves of the surrounding environment and transmit them to the internal digital circuit for analysis, and then send out the reverse sound waves to eliminate unnecessary noises through calculation, so as to achieve a quiet listening environment. The passive noise reduction technology improves the airtight effect of the headset through the difference in material and design, so as to isolate and reduce the external noise from the physical level.
▲ the keys of the headset are centered under the right earpiece, including the power switch, playback control, volume adjustment and noise reduction switch. In addition, it also provides a 3.5mm port, which can be turned into a wired headset for continued use when the power is out.
I always feel that Feiao is a brand with a strong engineer culture. Each of its products, on the official website of the introduction of the material technology, functional configuration, a variety of specifications and parameters have detailed display, very to my appetite. In the market for active noise-canceling headphones, most of the products that people pay most attention to are from international well-known brands such as Bose, Beats and B&O. They are not so clear in the detailed description of product functions, and they are more used to using some emotional language to promote. And on EH3 NC, Feiao continues to maintain its style, from the application of noise reduction technology, noise reduction chip, to the noise reduction effect can be achieved, Feiao is clearly and completely displayed in front of consumers.
In the EH3 NC, Feiou is equipped with 4 microphone arrays for front and rear feedback to pick up environmental noise, and the chip for noise analysis and adaptive generation of the reverse signal is from ADI company, a world’s leading data conversion and signal processing technology company. The chip model is ADI 1777, and 2 are used in EH3 NC. The active noise reduction depth of EH3 NC reaches 30+/ -5db, and combined with the passive noise reduction ability, it provides users with a more comprehensive noise reduction experience.
▲ the attachment includes a type-c USB cable, 3.5mm headphone cable and a storage bag. EH3 NC earmugs can be inverted left and right, folded up and down, easy to receive.
Appearance: simple and portable design
Back to the design of EH3 NC, Feiao gave it a simple design style, black and gray mainly stable color, the earphone line is simple and not abrupt. After all, most consumers who buy active noise-reducing headphones, no matter for business travel or daily commute, have the need to go out of the street, simple and stable believe or more people can accept the style. But I also found something special in the EH3 NC, a 2.5d glass panel on the earphone casing with a carbon fiber texture that adds a touch of chic sophistication to the design we’ve seen on some of the most popular music players. In addition, the double hi-res Logo on the metal bracket of the head beam and the graduated design is all the details of the heart. Feiao provided a leather storage bag for EH3 NC. In order to be convenient to carry, the earphones can be flipped left and right, folded up and down, which is convenient to carry in the bag after folding.
▲ the EH3 NC with ear-covering design, the earphone shell is carbon fiber texture and 2.5d glass panel, with excellent texture, while other parts are matte gray material, with rich visual layers.
The buttons of the headset are centered under the right earpiece and include power switches, playback controls, volume controls, and noise reduction switches. In addition, it also provides a 3.5mm port, which can be turned into a wired headset for continued use when the power is out. The physical keys are designed to reduce the user’s learning costs compared to many of today’s touch-sensitive Bluetooth wireless headsets but are less holistic and aesthetically pleasing. Besides charging, the USB type-c interface under the left ear cover can also be connected to realize the USB DAC function on PC. If you have a USB cable of type-c to type-c, you can also connect it to the phone’s type-c interface to listen to music directly.
▲ USB type-c interface under the left ear cover is not only used for charging, but also can be connected to realize USB DAC function on PC. If you have type-c to type-c USB cable, you can also use it to connect to the mobile phone type-c interface to listen to music directly.
The EH3 NC USES soft protein skin to cover the thick padding in the areas in contact with the ears and head. Ear cushion is thicker, tactility is exquisite and comfortable, head beam inside and outside used with ear cushion same albumen skin, simple sense and tactility are also outstanding. Its ear pads are replaceable and Feiao also offers a mesh earmuffs with better air permeability for consumers to choose from.
▲ the protein leather earpads are soft and thick, with excellent touch and comfort. Feiao also launched a mesh cloth ear pad for it, suitable for hot days, users can buy separately.
Thanks to the lightweight design, the EH3 NC is comfortable when I actually wear it. EH3 NC head beam inward clamping force will not be too tight, ear muzzle also left more abundant space for the ear, wearing for a long time is not easy to get tired. At the same time, I didn’t have to adjust it when I was wearing it fast, so it had good stability.
Auditions: the noise reduction effect is good, before and after the opening sound quality orientation is different
After most consumers buy such headphones, the device used to match them should be mobile phones. Therefore, during the audition, I used my phone 8 to connect with EH3 NC via BlueTooth for the audition. When connecting, it works in the LDAC Bluetooth encoding format by default. Let’s talk about its denoising performance first. When the denoising function is not turned on, wear EH3 NC. The excellent envelop of its ear pad has brought a certain degree of sound insulation effect. After turning on the noise reduction function, you can obviously feel the low-frequency noise in the surrounding environment is filtered out. In the indoor environment, it is mainly the noise of the windpipe machine and all kinds of noises coming in from the outdoor environment. The retained sound like keyboard tapping and human voice becomes smaller.
On the sidewalk outside the road, the tire noise and road noise of the car is obviously filtered out after the noise reduction is started. Although the engine sound of the bus and motorcycle can still be heard, the sound is obviously more restrained and the overall environment will be much quieter. In addition, when the noise reduction function is turned on, the “invisible pressure” generated by EH3 NC on the ear is not obvious. In the case of not listening to music, if the user just wants to get a quiet rest environment, it will not feel pressure to turn it on for a long time. At the same time, its noise reduction circuit work noise control is good, basically do not let people notice.
It is equipped with a 45mm strong magnetic double-sided titanium-plated diaphragm, which is superior in specification compared with the 40mm diaphragm used in most headphones of the same level. Before and after turning on the noise reduction function, the sound quality of EH3 NC is audibly different. Before opening, the sound style of EH3 NC is obviously inclined to middle and low frequency. At this time, the whole sound field scale will be relatively large, and the low-frequency part has a sufficient sense of quantity and a strong sense of existence. However, in the music with more low frequency, listening for a long time will feel slightly dull. The contour of the voice is full, the sound position is near the front, the sound bottom is warm and thick.
After turning on the noise reduction function, the overall atmosphere becomes a little more convergent, the low frequency is more condensed, elasticity and diving can be maintained, although the sense of volume is weakened, but also maintained at a sufficient level but not too much to bring a dull sense of hearing. The vocal position becomes centered, and the restoration of the singer’s voice becomes more real, with the outline still clear, but a little smaller. The brightness of high frequency is moderate, and the overall performance is introverted and smooth. The effect of turning on or off of noise reduction function is not as obvious as that of middle and low frequency.
As the first Bluetooth wireless noise-canceling headset of fei-ao, EH3 NC has the consistent style of the brand: spend the cost on the material, the function is as comprehensive as possible. In the market of headphones with Bluetooth noise reduction about 1000 yuan, there are not many products that can compete with EH3 NC in specifications. In terms of sound quality, the style orientation of EH3 NC before and after turning on the noise reduction function is different. Users can choose to turn on or off according to their listening preferences. Out of the hi-fi market, EH3 NC faces many competitors in the field of consumer electronics giants, relying on relatively solid product power, it can achieve what performance in this market deserves our attention. If you want to buy used iPhones, there are used iPhone 6s plus, used iPhone 7, used iPhone xs max on sale in Energyitshop!

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