Note 7 explosion door continues to ferment: Samsung will only release one flagship in the coming year

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion caused Samsung to suffer, citing the Korean media The Korea Herald reported that Samsung executives are considering a fundamental change to the mobile phone development strategy that has been implemented for many years. Specifically, Samsung will only release one high-end flagship model each year in the future, and focus more on product quality. This result may lead to only one Galaxy S8 as Samsung ’s flagship flagship next year. The Galaxy Note 8 may Will disappear.
Since 2011, Samsung has formulated a one-year dual flagship mobile phone development strategy. The Galaxy S series was launched in 2010 and released in the first half of the year. The Galaxy Note series was launched in 2011 and released in the second half of the year. Since the Note 7 incident, some market observers believe that Samsung may cancel the entire Note brand.
A Samsung partner said: “Samsung has not yet notified suppliers to reduce the development strategy of the two flagships, but the explosion has affected the supply of parts to a certain extent. At present, Samsung has not made a decision on how to get rid of the negative effects of the Note 7. But it will definitely have an impact on existing sales strategies and product portfolios. “

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