Oneplus’s foldable phones won’t be available anytime soon, CEO liu zuohu explained

Pete Lau, chief executive of 1mobiles, explained in an interview why the one plus foldable phones won’t be available anytime soon, 91mobiles reported.
At CES 2020, Concept One was officially unveiled. This is the first time electrochromic technology has been applied to a mobile phone. It is commonly used in aircraft and sports car glass and allows the glass to undergo reversible changes in color and transparency under the action of an electric field.
Pete Lau, oneplus’s chief executive, talked about the one plus concept’s design and revealed the contents of the foldable phone in a podcast with the Verge. Speaking of foldable phones, liu said there are still some technical shortcomings, such as very large folds in the foldable devices and indentation problems caused by particles such as dust. In addition, he said, when the technology is mature and the folding effect is really good, One plus will develop and launch a foldable screen phone.
In the end, 91mobiles said that based on Mr. Liu’s response, it might not see a foldable phone from One plus anytime soon, as the company is not entirely satisfied with the foldable phone’s screen and other aspects.

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