Patent exposure motorcycle second generation Razr flip screen phone: side sensor

The recently released MOTOROLA Razr flip phone has attracted a lot of attention from the media and the Internet, and is even considered a revolutionary product.
But the father of the mobile phone has not stopped.
The patent disclosed by the United States patent and trademark office seems to hint at what the next generation or even the next generation of Razr will look like. While retaining the foldable shape of the clamp-over cover, eight new sensors will be added to the side, two for upper left, lower left, upper right and lower right respectively, which can define 20 functions and 20 gestures.
The new Razr also appears to include an under-screen fingerprint, but no external preview screen.
This year’s first-generation Razr, while impressive, had a few regrets, including eSIM support, 5G support, a smaller battery capacity and a higher price tag.
The Razr will debut on December 15 at Verizon for $1,500.

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