Retailers leak new apple products: new AirPods and iPod touch

On the morning of February 23, employees at retail department store Target found a list of new Apple products on the company’s inventory system, listing “AirPods X generation,” “Apple TV X,” “Apple Watch Series X,” and “Apple iPod Touch X generation.” That could mean a slew of new products.
A list of apples in stock
The most notable item on the list is the Apple AirPods X Generation, priced at $399.99. That’s a bit more than the current $249 AirPods Pro, and it looks like a higher-end headset. In addition, the product lists three different SKUs (stock holding units), which means the new headphones have multiple color schemes.
Appleinsider had a conversation with a Target employee, who said that “placeholders for new products [like this] are common” and that their quotes are usually accurate and product names are less certain. Usually, the retailer will enter the received inventory into the system, but these unreleased product names are often marked to make it easier to make changes after subsequent product launches.
That said, “AirPods X Generation” isn’t the name of apple’s new headphones, but there’s a good chance that such a high-end product exists.
In addition, the Apple TV is priced at $179, the same price as the current 32GB Apple TV. The Apple touch is priced at $399, the same price as the current 256GB version, the highest available.
According to previous leaks, the new Apple TV will use A13 or A12 chips instead of the current A10X chip, which is a regular configuration upgrade. The iPod touch was a bit of a surprise. It was released last May but hasn’t been updated for a year. Before 2019, the iPod touch hadn’t been updated in four years.
Target’s inventory system exposed apple’s AirPower wireless charging pad, which never made it to market. It is unclear whether the new placeholders are accurate. Apple is rumored to be holding its spring event on March 31, and we may see some of these products at this event.

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