Sony Vision-S electric car has begun road tests

Sony announced its Vision-S prototype of the new connected car platform at CES 2020. According to foreign media reports, the car has participated in public road tests in Austria.


This car was made by Sony’s AI and robotics teams, and Sony’s robot dog product Aibo was also developed by these two teams. At present, this concept car has no official name, only knowing that it is codenamed Safety Cocoon, but Sony said that the Vision-S prototype has passed comprehensive road tests. It is said that this is to ensure the vehicle and its platform Vision-S. Comply with current safety regulations.
Sony is working with Magna-Steyr to ensure that users can drive the Vision-S in Europe. However, it is unclear whether Sony is conducting tests to verify its self-driving car technology.
Vision-S incorporates Sony’s technologies in sensors, imaging and entertainment, and Sony hopes to use these technologies to create integrated solutions. It is reported that Vision-S is equipped with 33 sensors that can detect people inside and outside the car and other vehicles. It also integrates Sony’s 360 Reality Audio to provide users with an immersive audio experience.¬†used¬†iPhones

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