XDA God digs out new changes in Android 11: power menu needs to be changed

On February 20th, Google officially released the Android 11 Developer Preview, bringing many new features, but there are more unfinished development functions hidden in the system by Google. For this, the XDA God spared no effort in mining The latest feature of the hidden function is the new menu of the power button.
In general, after pressing and holding the power button in the native Android, the power menu will be displayed on the right side of the evaluation in a vertical row, including options such as SOS, restart, shutdown.

However, on the Pixel 2 XL with the Android 11 Developer Preview, XDA found that the menu has been moved to the top of the screen, and more interestingly, the “Home” character appears on the menu, which looks like a placeholder symbol.
Obviously Google is going to add some new options to “Home”, but what will it be?
Initially, XDA thought that there would be some options for Google Pay here. Later, God found that a support list of “effective device types” appeared in related services, which was full of various smart home devices. In other words, home automation might be added in this place. Control options (similar to Mijia’s control plugin?).
In other words, Android 11 will soon support some functions of the smart home, which also indicates that Google may release some related products, let us wait and see. used iPhone 7

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